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Lisa Stanford, LCSW
I like to create an inviting and safe environment for clients to be authentic and comfortable sharing openly, without fear of judgment.

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Lisa Stanford, LCSW


Licensed in



Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Psychodynamic, Solution-focused, Strengths-based

Therapy Style

I like to create an inviting and safe environment for clients to be authentic and comfortable sharing openly, without fear of judgment. I have experience working mainly with women involving a variety of issues. I provide support in helping clients with postpartum depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, coping with grief and loss, motivation, self-esteem, and so forth. Taking the first step to seek a more fulfilling and happier life takes courage and I am here to support clients in that process.

Together, the client and I will use a modality that speaks to their strengths and fits the client’s goals. I want therapy to be individualized and unique to the person. I believe the therapeutic process is a journey requiring patience, vulnerability, and commitment. I am here to co-partner with clients as they dig deep, learn, and grow toward a life they are truly happy about.


BA - Social Work, University of Maryland Baltimore

MSW - Social Work, University of Maryland Baltimore

License Number and State




Why did you become a mental health professional?

I became a mental health therapist by chance honestly. After working in the medical field, I wanted to try something different. I became a therapist and surprisingly enjoyed it, which I never thought I would. I've found meaning and true purpose in helping others find their paths in life. I was once someone's client and therapy helped me grow as an individual. So, I see this as my way to give back to my community, so that we grow together.

What are your interests outside of work?

I enjoy reading, traveling, ballet, fitness, and hanging out with friends and family.

What is one thing you do daily that supports your well-being?

I spend time with God, reading affirmations, self-care, and setting healthy boundaries. I aim to have a healthy work-life balance. I also engage with healthy people so I remain healthy too.

What book have you read more than once?

I read Wholeness by Toure Roberts more than once because it helped me become whole. Sometimes you have to revisit what wholeness truly means to you. So, I decided to read it again and I found new meaning each time.

Favorite organization/non-profit?

B'more for Healthy Babies and March of Dimes because I have a strong passion for mothers and babies. That was my specialization in school.